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ZXR is a major water treatment chemicals supplier in Russia and CIS with the head office in Arkhangelsk region. ZXR stands for Zavod Khimicheskikh Reagentov translated from Russian as Chemical Reagents Plant.

There are 7 production sites located throughout Russia: Arkhangelsk, Kingisepp (Saint-Petersburg region), Yaroslavl, Buy (Kostroma region), Kanash (Chuvash republic), Novgorod, Tyumen. 30 000 tons of chemicals are produced and distributed by ZXR every month. The company owns the fleet of tankers enabling us to deliver the products right to the consumer’s storage facilities.

We supply water treatment chemicals to the municipal WTPs of Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Yaroslavl, Arkhangelsk, Novgorod, Ulyanovks, Izhevsk, Cheboksary as well as the leading industrial enterprises of Russia – Arkhangelsk Pulp&Paper Mill, Investlesprom, Continental Management, Mondi, Norisky Nikel, Energoatom and many more. Our priority is customer satisfaction that’s why we provide our customers with chemical treatment solutions, not just the chemicals.

Distribution – 250 000 tons of liquid and 55 000 tons of solid aluminium sulfate and more than 25 000 tons of other chemicals per annum. The total production capacity of ZXR plants is 500 000 tons of chemicals. We distribute chemical products to more than 120 customers in Russia and CIS. The main asset and resource of the company is its personnel. The number of employees is 300. We own a fleet of tankers capable of transporting more than 60% of coagulants produced by ZXR.

The production and distribution of water treatment chemicals:

  • aluminium sulfate dry GOST 12966-85
  • aluminium sulfate liquid
  • polyaluminium chloride dry
  • polyaluminium chloride liquid
  • flocculants and miscellaneous water treatment chemicals

Services we offer:

  • optimizing chemical water treatment chemical testing
  • chemical dosing and storage system installation
  • transportation of chemical products chemical water treatment consulting

Contact information:

30, Tchaikovsky street, Yaroslavl, Russia, 150000
tel.: +7 4852 674-480, 674-481
fax: +7 4852 674-482
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